Sprinkler System Professionals

EMS has designed and installed NFPA-13 sprinkler systems since 1987.  We believe  saving lives and properties from fire is a very good thing, and we are pleased to be able to design and build systems which do that.  Our mechanics have a solid understanding of the various NFPA codes governing these installations. Although configurations vary based on the hazards created by building and property owner needs and occupancies, our design team is excellent in putting together a coordinated system laid out to fit with the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical elements of a building for aesthetics and function. If you require a sprinkler system for your building, you may request a quote either through the general interest form, give us a call and speak to one of our project managers or click the BBB logo at the top of this  page and place a request for quotation through their website link to us. If you are a property owner or facility manager and you need to have your sprinkler system inspected quarterly per NFPA-25 requirements, we can take care of you there as well. Just follow one of the suggested means of communication expressed above and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate of this service.

Test your sprinkler system IQ.

1) When one sprinkler goes off all the other sprinklers activate as well.  T or F?  False, sprinkler heads react to temperature individually.  Thus, if a fire occurs in one area, only sprinkler heads in that area will activate when they reach the activation temperature.

2) A sprinkler could accidentally go off causing significant water damage to the building.  T or F?  False, records, which have been compiled for well over 50 years, prove the likelihood of this occurring is very remote. Furthermore, residential and commercial application sprinklers are  specifically designed and  rigorously tested to minimize such accidents.

3) Water damage from a sprinkler system will be more extensive than fire damage.  T or F?  False, the sprinkler system will limit a fire’s growth. Therefore, damage from a sprinkler system will be much less severe than the smoke and fire damage if the fire had gone on unabated or even the water damage caused by water from firefighting hose lines.

4) Home sprinkler systems are relatively inexpensive compared to the total construction cost of the building.  T or F?  True, current estimates suggest that when a home is under construction, a home sprinkler system could cost 1%-1 1/2% of the total building price.  For commercial properties your cost per square foot can range from $2.91/sq ft to $3.50/sq ft depending on the hazard and system required.

5) Sprinklers are ugly.  T or F?  False, sprinkler manufacturers have come up with very attractive sprinkler head designs to blend into the ceiling construction.  For example, there are pendent sprinkler heads with cover plates which can be factory painted to match your ceiling or wall.  They are called concealer sprinkler heads; the beauty is their obscurity  in the ceiling or wall which makes them attractive and virtually unnoticeable.

For more information on residential sprinkler systems and their benefits to you please see the video by The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  Again, we would be pleased to provide you with a free estimate for the design and installation of a fire protection sprinkler system in your facility or home.