We provide plumbing systems and fixtures for a wide variety of needs.  Our licensed mechanics are equipped with the tools and knowledge to custom build your bathroom, kitchen, restaurant,  health clinic, hospital, hotel, school, etc.   Our journeymen plumbers are eager to meet the challenges your building and plumbing system requires.  Give us a call today for a quote or simply click the Better Business Bureau logo to begin that process.

Have you ever wondered  how plumbers protect the health of the nation?  Next time you take a drink of water, think about where it came from and how essential clean water is to your life.  If you live in a rural setting, more than likely it came from your well, pumped into your domestic water system through a series of pipes.  The location of the well is governed by code to keep it a safe distance away from any septic drain fields and septic tank.  If you live in an urban area, very likely you are getting your clean potable water from a water filtration and chlorination facility which pumps the water into a large underground water distribution system to your home. Again, plumbing codes regulate what materials may be used, the placement of the water piping in relation to sewer lines and there are codes which require devices be installed to prevent the possibility of back flow contamination.

Without time tested and professionally engineered plumbing systems installed by licensed plumbers, city living would become unsanitary and deadly.  Human history shows there is no trade, business or calling in a community which more vitally affects the public health and safety of that community than that of the plumbing trade.  At EMS we share the concerns and objectives of the plumbing industry and are doing our part to maintain its standards by employing knowledgeable, licensed journeymen and registered apprentices. We believe that our industry is critical to the health and safety of the public. Therefore, the statement,  “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation” is something we at EMS take very seriously.